Report Writing

Want to be involved in publishing content on rare diseases? NORD and rareDIG have teamed up to provide students with an opportunity to do so!


Below is a list of Rare Disease Reports that must be updated or created, provided by NORD.

To submit a request to write a report, please fill out the form below. Report availability is first come first serve and the completion deadline on the report is 1 month from the approval date (deadline can be negotiated). Approvals will be delivered via email and will be reflected in the table below, Follow-up emails enforcing the 1-month turnaround will be sent out periodically.

If a report has already been assigned, the table below will reflect "Taken" under the Status Heading. If the report is listed as "Open", you may apply to become the writer for that specific report. 

The report writer should adhere to the following guideline:

1) Visit "" (NORD's webpage) and search for any information that the organization already has on the rare disease you have chosen.

2) Update the information with new and relevant research.

As of December 2018, students may only hold 1 report at a time.

Report Submission:

- Follow-up instructions will be detailed in your confirmation email.

Report writing is currently only available to medical students. However, we are currently discussing opening up this opportunity to a wider range of individuals, stay tuned!