Rare Disease Day 2018

On February 28th 2018, rareDIG played host to over 100 students, researchers, physicians, patients and community members in honour of Rare Disease Day. Speakers discussed the many challenges faced by people with rare disease and the success stories that followed; misdiagnoses and diagnostic odysseys were met with empowerment and optimism. In recognizing a collective of individuals focused on rare disease, we took a large step forward in raising awareness among future health care professionals.


The rareDIG committee would like to thank the speakers, attendees and supporters who made our first Rare Disease Day event possible!


Meet the Speakers





Very well done. I was impressed, informed and entertained! Congratulations to all the organizers and presenters.

The speakers were well chosen and represented all of the key facets of rare diseases of patient concerns, researchers, fundraisers and ethical and legal dimensions. The speakers were clearly very well prepared and rehearsed. It was a privilege to participate in this event.

The talks were all very informative and I definitely feel like I learnt a lot from each of the speakers. It was very powerful to have many of the talkers be people who are themselves afflicted with rare diseases and who could talk about their personal experience.

Awe inspiring to see the students interested in learning more about RD

It was an amazing event, please keep up the good work! Looking forward to next year's edition!

The diversity in stakeholders sharing their experiences with or working on rare diseases was much appreciated.